ERP Solutions for Today's

Multi-Channel organizations

Natural Ledger

Natural Suite’s Natural Ledger General Ledger system is the heart of an automated accounting system. General Ledger is flexible, comprehensive, and easy to use. It is designed to enhance your control over day-to-day operations, while providing the up-to-the-minute information essential to making good management decisions.

General Ledger financial statements can be custom-designed to reflect the unique needs of your company. The financial statement formatting procedure gives you control over the content, sequence, and spacing of every printed line in a financial statement. Financial statements can be generated at any time for any period or range of periods in the current year. Beyond the built-in reports, financial data can be converted into graphs and charts at any time.

Additional Features

Balance Sheets
Income Statements
Comparative or consolidated reports

Key Features

Full integration with Natural Order/Receivables/Payables

Handles multi-companies, divisions and departments

Flexible financial statement formatting


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