ERP Solutions for Today's

Multi-Channel organizations

Marketing Analysis

Natural Suite’s comprehensive database combined with integrated toolsets enable extensive options for data management. By combining Natural Suite's powerful data store with built-in reports and the Cyberquery high-performance ad-hoc analysis tool, we enable access to all of the key data so you can easily and quickly recognize new opportunities and identify concerns to help maintain and maximize your business.


  • Integrated Report writing tool that allows end user to create endless customized reports based on specific business requirements
  • Report Wizard
  • Schedule Reports
  • Save and Send Reports as Excel, Email, Web (HTML) ASCII Text, and PDF
  • Report with graphics, fonts, grids, shading, colors, and more
  • Advanced Mode for technical users
  • Mail-merge form letters, labels, documents, etc.
  • Web Launchpad for web-based report

  • Natural Order’s import accommodates the migration of orders from any channel
  • Conversion of Names and/or Companies, Addresses, Orders, Products, Prices, Vendors, Vendor Products, Invoices, Credit Memos and more

Key Features

  • Catalogs, Catalog Items, and Promotions
  • Original and Last Source
  • Order Source/Type
  • Company & Individual history of Sales, Returns, and Refunds
  • NCOA Processing
  • Ranking Schemes and Weekly Sales Rankings
  • 150+ Standard Reports

  • Natural Order’s export module allows template driven data to be exported as a CSV, Tab Separated, XML or Fixed Length format file
  • Can be used for custom web implementations
  • Templates can be executed with user defined parameters
  • Templates can be nested
  • Output can be delivered as file and/or via email
  • Output can be only the data that has changed since previous run

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