ERP Solutions for Today's

Multi-Channel organizations

Product Management

Natural Suite’s Natural Order includes an integrated Product Management System that enables more effective control of your products. With an immense variety of settings for the SKUs, it allows control on how these items are utilized through the entire product lifecycle. Our Product Management System enables control and tracking for all stages: product inception, product growth, product maturity and product decline.

Additional Features

Kits: components are predefined and the individual components are shipped
Continuity Kits allow for start date, duration between shipments and a defined number of repetitions
Assortments: a list of allowed components are defined and the customer chooses which components they would like and the individual components are shipped
Assemblies/Dis-Assemblies: predefined list of items and the components are used to build/assemble a final product and the final product is shipped
Drop Ships allows for standard drop ship as well as a single SKU can be defined that can be drop shipped OR sold from stock
Just in Time: allows order to be placed and product to be manufactured based on need
Attributes – Style/Color/Size
Lot Tracking with expiration dates
UPC codes
Product Messages
Standard, Average and FIFO costing
Picture/Video/Web Page/Fact Sheets
Configurable searching
Shipper/Product Restriction schemes
SKU Categories

Key Features

  • Define Personalization Schemes to manage customization needs. Personalization Schemes allow: Setup fees, charges per letter, charges per Line, default values, lists of values to choose from, and more
  • Personalization Schemes can be applied to one or many products
  • Serialized
  • Lot Tracked
  • Specific Shipper/Method
  • Allow Backorders
  • Allow on Purchase Orders
  • Discountable
  • Ship Alone
  • Rename Product
  • Renumber SKU
  • Renumber Lot
  • Replace SKU
  • And more...
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