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The time has come for all the planning and hard work of the project teams to be put to use. Your business will be transitioned to Natural Order from your existing system. After your staff is trained, your system setup has been verified, and any necessary data entry/conversion has been successfully completed, our staff will arrive on-site to support you through the Go-Live process.

Service Location: User site
Service Duration: Not to exceed 7 days

This service is available to assist with Conversion and/or understanding the Natural Import modules, which will allow you to import Products, Names, and Order History. This service can also be utilized to cover the Importing/Exporting of data with 3rd Party Websites

Service Location: Remote
Service Duration: User can determine hours

OPTION 1 Natural Solution handles the conversion of data.
OPTION 2 User handles conversion of data, contracting Natural Solutions as needed.

Names Conversion
Names, Addresses, Company, Comments
Product Conversion
SKU, Description, Style, Color, Size, Warehouse, Locations, Quantity, Prices
Order Conversion
Order, Order History

At this time, project team members from both companies will be introduced. The Natural Solutions team will communicate the roles and responsibilities required of both project teams. Both companies will determine the assignment of individual roles. The Natural Solutions team will review the tools and methods used in a successful implementation and will also define the scope, goals, and expectations of the project. The dates for the Administrator Class will be determined.

Service Location: Telephone
Service Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

After the completion of the Administrator Class, our staff will install the licensed software at your site with assistance from your IT staff. You will then be able to test the application and its features against your existing business procedures. This will give you the opportunity to further familiarize yourself with the application at your own pace.

Service Location:Remote installation

Project management is the cornerstone to a successful implementation, from the Kick-Off Conference Call through the Go-Live period. Our project manager will work directly with your project manager to provide the required communications, task management, and deliverables throughout the life cycle of the project. All of these will work to ensure your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Service Duration: Lifecycle of project

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