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Natural Solutions - Friday, April 01, 2016

Did you know Natural Solutions offers training on a variety of topics?  Run Natural Order smarter to run your business better!

  • Webinars - short 1 to 4 hours sessions done over the internet on one or a few topics
  • Workshops - one or multi-day sessions done at your facility, one topics such as emailing, security setup, Order Entry scheme setup, creating products and SKUs, report writing, etc.

Example topics from recent report writing classes include:

  • Who Is Your Best Customer? Did you make money on them?
  • What are your top 10 best selling items? In terms of dollars or quantity?
  • What are my margins on each SKU?
  • What SKUs got returned the most?
  • What customers seem to have the most refunds, returns, reships?
  • Which items are returned the most? And why?
  • Are you losing money on shipping?
  • Which customers are your worst offenders for returns and refunds?
  • What are your best promotions? Catalogs? And when?
  • Who Is Your Best CSR? or Worst?
  • What is the warehouse’s throughput? (items per hour, etc.)
  • What items have too much stock? (based on last four months of shipments)

Contact Rob Bohn (link) for further information...