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Educational Services

Administrator Class (ES205)

This class is an intensive collaboration on the set-up of a new user’s system. Attendees should be decision makers and have a solid understanding of current operations and procedures. Up to four users can attend. Once the system configuration is initially defined, the user will understand the setup and structure of Natural Order.

Class Prerequisite:Knowledge of user’s internal operations and procedures

Class Location: Indianapolis Office
Class Duration: 3 to 5 days


Manager/Trainer Orientation (ES210)

This class will involve extensive training on the procedures and functionality within Natural Order. The objective of this class is to provide an orientation to managers and your project trainers as to the functionality and expectations related to the software and business processes that will need to be reviewed for a successful implementation. After this training, appropriate key staff training and business process discussions should be held to identify any potential issues that may need to be resolved prior to Go-Live.

Class Prerequisite: Completion of Administrator Class (ES205).
Knowledge of user’s internal operations and procedures.

Class Location: User site
Class Duration: 3 to 5 days


User Orientation (ES215) - optional

This class provides users a hands-on experience to the daily procedures used in running Natural Order on a day-to-day basis. All users throughout the company that will use Natural Order will need to be involved. This is the opportunity for your managers to determine how their departments will use Natural Order. Prior to this class, your managers will need to create procedures specific to each of their departments to ensure an efficient training session.

Class Prerequisite: Completion of Manager/Trainer Orientation (ES210)
Knowledge of user’s area of responsibility.

Class Location: User site
Class Duration: up to 5 days


Financial Application Classes (ES305) - optional

These classes provide users with an area of responsibility in accounting with training on Natural Financials (Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, and Royalties). They include configuration of each module and a review of daily and monthly procedures.

Class Prerequisite: Knowledge of user’s area of responsibility.

Class Location: Remote training
Class Duration: depends on modules selected (typically one half day each)


Data Analysis & Report Writing: Introduction to the CyberQuery Report Writer (ES405)

This 2-day end-user report writing class is designed to give novice computer users the skills and knowledge needed to effectively develop their own reports. Upon completing this class, the end-user will be proficient with the basic features of CQ, developing summary and detail reports, and simple charts and graphs.

Class Prerequisite: Basic skills in using Windows
Completion of one of the following classes: ES205/ES210/ES215

Class Location: User site, Indianapolis office, or Remote
Class Duration: 2 days


Data Analysis & Report Writing: Advanced CyberQuery Report Writer (ES410) - optional

This 2-day advanced class is designed to give the user a working knowledge of advanced features and options, with perspective on system management and data dictionary relationships. During this class, users will learn to create more effective reports.

Class Prerequisite: Introduction to CQ Report Writer class (ES410).
General database design concepts and experience with Natural Order.

Class Location: User site, Indianapolis office, or Remote
Class Duration: 2 days